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The EZ Atom Puzzle was designed by Doug Engel. He started designing puzzles in 1962,;and since that time he has designed over 100 puzzles. To get an idea of the beauty of some of his puzzles, visit the PuzzleMaster website. Click on the subject of Inventors and Designers and 6 of his puzzles will appear; EZ Atom being one of them. His puzzles shown, range in difficulty from 5 to 8 out of 10; EZ Atom being 6.
It consists of 3 pretzel shaped metal pieces.  The major difference being that the Silver piece has 1 opening, the bronze has 2 openings and the gold has 3 openings. Also the Silver piece has a small bump that seems to lock up the puzzle. In the center is a glass ball, locked in by the 3 pieces. When manipulating the puzzle, it rattles a bit due to looseness. Normally puzzles do not require excessive force to solve, especially cast metal ones, but a hint here is that this one does require some.
The puzzle is well made, of heavy cast metal and they have a high quality Gold, Silver and Brass finishes. It looks like it will stand up to lots of use. The price is very reasonable, considering the quality.
It is an attractive puzzle and that makes it a good ornament as well as being inviting for people to “give it a try”..
The object is to take the puzzle apart, then put it together again.
The puzzle is about 3″ X 3″ X 3″ and weighs about 8 ounces.

You can get the solution as well as purchase the puzzle at Puzzle Master

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