Geared Kites

Geared Kites was commissioned by Jared McComb. It is a shape mod of the Geared Mixup puzzle. This shape mod has the features that the puzzle maintains its shape after a quarter turn, unlike Geared Mixup. You can recognize from the shape of the pieces that it is made of kite shapes and this puzzle was modified by Jared McComb. It has a base of a 2×2 Rubiks cube and it works like a 2×2 but the gears starts spinning as well. Just by making 2 turns the puzzle is already quite mixed up. There are many different ways to unscramble and solve this puzzle toy.

The brain of the solver becomes active and stimulated by this puzzle cube, as a result, the brain starts to function much better. Solving this puzzle toy can help the thinking ability of an individual to become clearer and much quicker than before. This incredible puzzle toy can bring a fantastic feeling once the solver completes a puzzle challenge. The physical, mental as well as the emotional skills are enhanced all together by playing with this puzzle toy. You can purchase Geared Kites at Puzzle Master.

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