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The ancient puzzle game Wei-chi/Baduk or Go Free is now available on the android devices. You have surely seen this game before this post, if not I will try to explain you how to play it and how to enjoy this awesome ancient puzzle game. You have to choose a board:  Full 9×9, 13×13, and you have a demo version of 19×19 boards. When you choose which player you will be, you will choose a color either white or black (like in chess). When you have done that, you can start playing it. You need to put your circles (lets say you have chosen white color) around black circles and when you do that, the black ones in this case will disappear. At last, player that wins the match is the one with most circles (stones) on the board. This game really is awesome and it’s suitable for everyone. I have attached the YouTube link below, so you can see how the game looks before you download it.


Here are some of the game features:


1. Ancient puzzle game on Android.

2. Great HD graphics!

3. You can play Vs CPU or other player!

4. FREE for download!


Just visit www.play.google.com for free demo download link. You can watch this game in YouTube. Give this game a try and let us know what you think by leaving a comment below! Players, enjoy!

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