Heartbreak Tangram

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There are several puzzles called Broken Heart, ranging from multi-piece jigsaws, wood and string entanglement, trick locks, etc.; and this one. It follows the same idea of dividing a shape into sections and putting it back together as well as making many other figures.  The “Chinese Tangram” puzzle is the most well known and there are literally thousands of figures that can be made with its 7 pieces. Jerry Slocum wrote a complete and fascinating book on this puzzle called “The Tangram Book” (see my Review of January 6,2004)

The Anchor Puzzle Book” by Jerry Slocum and Dieter Gebhardt (see my Review of March 1,2013), is a beautifully illustrated book in which they tell the whole story of the many puzzles the Richter Company made and sold in Germany in the early part of the 1900’s. Their puzzles were made in artificial stone. It describes many other similar puzzles.

The Broken Heart, like Tangram, can be configured to make many other figures, although more like 100 than thousands. This puzzle has been manufactured and sold by many companies, and at varying quality; or if so desired can be made of paper, wood, plastic or whatever.  Some will come with suggested figures or puzzles to make; or you can consult a book “Creative Puzzles Of The World” by Pieter Van Delft & Jack Boterrmans(See my Review of February 20, 2005), where you can find on page 22, 60 figures to challenge you.

This particular version is well made of very good wood, and comes with a wooden tray and cover; making it very durable and portable.

If you wish, you can visit YouTube and watch someone playing with it.

You can purchase this puzzle and get the solution at Puzzle Master.


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