Impossible Figure 2

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I can see that Ragnaris-Cyrr had used his expertise in visual arts for the 3D effects of this impossible figure. I can see that this impossible figure artwork was inspired by the optical illusion artist M.C Escher. I find this work nicely illustrated and well painted with the inks of water color.

About the Impossible Figure 2

This Impossible Figure 2 was created by Ragnaris-Cyrr and he had painted it with watercolor ink. The brain has made the sense of shapes and symbols that a person sees. The 2 dimensional figure is subconsciously interpreted as 3D object although such form is impossible to exist in reality. Just like the other impossible artworks, it feature an undecidable figure and form.

About the Artist

Ragnaris-Cyrr is a traditional artist and surreal illustrator. She is a member of deviant art website and that is the niche where she generously shares many of her incredible artworks.

Thank you very much Ragnaris-Cyrr for allowing us to post and share your Impossible Figure 2. If you wish to see more of her incredible artwork, you can go and visit her website.

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