Invisible Handlebar Cube

The Invisible Handlebar Cube was proposed by Kelvin Stott after seeing Oskar’s Tunnel Cube. The invisible Handlebar Cube is functionally equal to Adam Cowan’s Handlebar Cube. There is just a special feature of this puzzle cube and that is the invisibly-connected handlebars. This puzzle cube includes handle bars glued on top in such a way that each piece is always connected to the other piece. The concept of the invisible handlebar cube is similar to that of the Handlebar Cube but Oskar cut it open to enable an extra move. Whatever move the solver do, it is impossible to disconnect the handlebar which makes it quite stupefying. There are special moves that can be done in this Invisible Handlebar Cube that cannot be done in the Handlebar Cube. One handle bar is completed by the invisible force attractions. Fortunately, these forces are non-interacting which allows the invisible bars to pass through each other and to allow this puzzle to obtain states that normal handlebar cannot reach.

The technique in solving any puzzle cube is to learn a set of algorithms which is a scientific way of taking variety of combinations when turning the different puzzle parts. If the solver just sit down and attempted to haphazardly solve the puzzle cube, it will most likely take days and maybe forever to complete the puzzle. This puzzle toy can help bring coordination between the right and left brain consequently escalating both logical and creative aspects in the solver. This puzzle cube is also very good in sharpening the memory and increasing the IQ level. Other advantages of playing this puzzle toy includes improvement of thinking skills like that of problem-solving, critical thinking, memorization and enhancement of spatial thinking. You can purchase the Invisible Handlebar Cube at Puzzle Master.

Thank you so much Oskar for allowing us to use your videos.

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