Lan Lan 4×4

Lan Lan 4×4 is a great puzzle for both newbies and pro puzzle cube solver. It turns pretty well and you can scramble it as fast as you can without having to worry that some cube parts may suddenly pop out from the cube. You can create many different patterns in this cube and you can make a cube in a cube in a cube in it. This puzzle cube is not shaky when you move it, it actually looks well-made and stable. You can take away the parts of this puzzle cube so you can look inside of it. There is actually a ball inside of it and you can spray a lubricant if you wish to practice speed cubing and speed solving with it.

You can strengthen your brain and boost its functioning when you make it a habit to solve many puzzles every day. This is the most practical and effective way to prevent brain related illnesses like dementia and memory loss. This puzzle cube will not just give you enjoyment, it can also make you feel relaxed and divert your mind from the negative thoughts. Playing with this puzzle can even make your brain actively work and this will greatly affect your thinking skills in a good way. You can definitely boost your brain power by solving this puzzle cube.

You can purchase the Lan Lan 4×4 at Puzzle Master.

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