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Just 4 months after her “Master Sudoku” (see my review of September 30, 2005); Carol now gives us another great book, Massive Sudoku. This time she has upped it to 400 puzzles. She gives us a couple of hilarious stories she’s heard and there are surely more to come. “A mother of four has become so totally obsessed; her family is considering moving her to a shed at the bottom of the garden where she says she’d be quite happy”. “A wife has banned her husband from bed after a particular night when he was forced to shut off the light in the middle of a Sudoku and went to sleep. Then he woke up again at 2am shouting ‘I’ve got another number'”. This book has “Ten Top Tips for solving:

1. Slicing & Dicing

2. Completing Rows & Columns

3. Only One That Fits

4. Completing a row or column when two numbers are missing

5. Slicing & Slotting

6. Writing Options

7. Lone Numbers

8. Looking for Single Options

9. Twinning

10. Triplets

With each puzzle, depending on difficulty, Carol gives a time and score so you can judge how well you did.

Here is a couple:


Less than 20 minutes….15 Points

20-45 minutes………..10 ”

Over 45 minutes………5 ”

Super Difficult

Less than 40 minutes….15 Points

40-80 minutes………..10 ”

Over 80 minutes……….5 ”

Yeah, some are pretty hard.

Just to spice things up a bit she gives us 10 SQUIFFY Sukodus. These are 9 by 9 cells where you must get 1 to 9 in each row and column, as normal. But here’s the “SQUIFF’ (I like that word). Instead of getting 1 to 9 in each 9-cell mini grid you have to get them in each 9-cell shape that has been outlined in a bold border. After trying these SQUIFFYS, maybe we’ll all be heading to the shed at the bottom of the garden. Good Sukoduing! You can purchase this book at Amazon.


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