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I have checked out Pixel Twist myself, and I must say it’s not that bad at all like they say in the video review that I have attached. This game is great for kids to play on their Android devices. The main task in this game is to solve the “pixel” puzzle. Puzzle is made of pixels and in the upper right corner is where you can find the picture that you need to get as the final result. Some of the pictures will be repeated trough the game but that doesn’t affect the game if you ask me, some of them are really hard to solve. I have attached the YouTube link below, so you could check this game out before downloading. Your kids will love this game a lot, my little brother loves it and he thinks it’s pretty good.


Here are some of the game features:


1. Innovative gameplay!

2. Lots of pictures and puzzles to solve!

3. Great for kids!

4. FREE for download!


Just visit www.play.google.com for free demo download link. You can watch this game in YouTube. Give this game a try and let us know what you think by leaving a comment below! Players, enjoy!

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