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The Reflections painting is a creative concept that can entice the spectator into the artwork. I find this artwork surreal, because of the merging of two different places. It looks whimsical and creative. This kind of artwork allows the imagination of the viewer to play. The spectator can interpret this painting based on individual life experiences and perception. I can see the enthusiasm and love of Neil Simone for eccentric landscapes through this artwork. He had produced this startling and unexpected imagery that features deep symbolism and fine painting techniques.

About the Reflections

Neil Simone has painted this Reflections artwork. He has created a visionary world of a bizarre landscape. It has a distinctive concept and style which Neil calls, a painting within a painting. This artwork combines reality with quixotic imagination to create a world that is superbly vague and always open to be analyzed by a spectator. It is an interesting masterpiece that is intended to bring wonderment to the viewers. Neil allows his subconscious to work.

About the Artist

Neil Simone is a creative, visual artist from London. He has studied graphic art and design. Neil is inspired by his environment and town. He has already created many surreal landscape paintings. He has the creative flair in creating paintings within paintings.

Thank you very much Neil Simone for allowing us to post and share your Reflections. If you wish to see more of his interesting artworks, you can go and visit his website.

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