Stealing the Diamond




Have you ever wondered what it’s really like to steal the world’s biggest jewel? Play Stealing the Diamond and experience the thrill and fun puzzle adventure. With the world’s biggest stones not only does Henry Stickman have them, he gets kicked in them over and over again in Stealing the Diamond. Failure would never been so fun. This game ultimately challenges the player’s intelligence, strategy, creativity and puzzle solving skills. The player has the option to either sneak in or bust in. There are items that the stealer character can use to defend himself from the guards of the precious jewel.

It is time to use your sneaking skills and show up the mischievous side of you. If you think you have the guts and wits to play stealing game adventures then this is the perfect puzzle challenge for you. This game encourages critical thinking when figuring out the best way to complete different tasks for each game level.  This game features adorable stickman figures, medals and credits.

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