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The Giant 1001 Puzzle Book packs a lot of entertainment for people of all ages. As the title suggests, there are 1001 puzzles. That is not to suggest that there is no similarity in these puzzles. There are several of each type and usually of different difficulty. Each puzzle has one, two or three dots giving an idea of difficulty. In a family the younger will find the 1-dot puzzles much more to their level while those who really like a challenge will prefer the 3-dot ones. There are all sorts of puzzles such as identify the differences, connect-the-dots, mazes, lateral thinking, fit together, cog puzzles, scales puzzles, matchstick, cubes, dominos, paths, matching pairs, silhouettes, arrows, all kinds of square puzzles and on and on. Another very interesting thing about this book is that it was published in 2004 and contains many about 25, Sudoku puzzles. This shows that these puzzles are not Japanese in origin as so many of the books that came out in the Sudoku craze in 2005,suggests.The only thing new is the name Sudoku. In this book they are called, Nine Numbers and come in three levels of difficulty. This is the type of book that can be left for different people to pick up and thumb through, find a puzzle that grabs their interest and have a go at it. There is no reason to do them in order. Also, you will find some types of puzzles you prefer more than others so pick and choose as you like. Included in the book, is a complete set of answers. I was so impressed with this book that I bought one for a neighbor friend and his kids and two more for my sons and their families. No doubt it will provide endless hours of enjoyment and will give their minds good exercise. I always enjoy seeing the excitement of a kid when they solve a puzzle.

I must also point out that the book is excellent in quality in all respects. The paper is very heavy. Printing and color is super and on top of that the construction is so good it will take a tremendous amount of use and even abuse. If a soft pencil is used, marks can be erased and puzzles can be done again later or by others. Quite frankly, I am amazes that such a high quality book can be sold at such a reasonable cost. The publishers should be proud of this book and puzzlers will surely appreciate it. For a puzzle book with lots of variety, suitable for all ages and difficulty it would be hard to find a better choice. No OMNIHEURIST (puzzle solver) should pass this one up. You can purchase this book at Amazon.


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