The “Sun” Doku

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Another Sudoku book! The “Sun” Doku one comprises 125 puzzles of three levels of difficulty 40 Teasers, 50 Toughies and 35 Terminators. This book is called #1 and presumably there will be others. There is nothing very different about this book. Actually, it is not one I would recommend for someone just starting out as there is no background on Sudoku puzzles and more important for a novice, the author has not bothered to provide anything as to hints or methods to solve. In addition, although there is only one puzzle per page but it barely takes up one half of the page making the puzzle grid unnecessarily small. You may want to check out some other Sukodu books I reviewed on Aug.3, (2 books), Aug 6, Aug 10 and Sept 30. You can purchase this book at Amazon.


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