The V-Cube is a multicolored, four-layered cube with excellent quality and incredibly smooth rotation. The player is required to discover a strategy to achieve uniform colored sides. This puzzle cube features possible permutations and it weighs only 157g. It consists of 98 smaller cube parts and the solid cross that supports them. The solid cross enables them to rotate independently on based axes. This V cube is rounded and is ideal for speed solving training.

Long-term brain workout with this puzzle cube can increase brain power and even generate new neurons in the brain. You can get natural high off of the brain chemistry through solving this twisty puzzle. This puzzle cube helps enhance the solver’s advanced thinking ability and performance. Solving puzzles like this is a great way to boost your brain’s functioning to critically think and logically process information. Puzzles are brain teasing, exciting, and a fun activity for the young and old. One of the best things about this twisty puzzle is that they necessitate processing of information in the left-hemisphere of the brain to work in coordination with right hemisphere’s visual center of the brain. Solve this puzzle cube and you can get an integrated brain. Make it a habit to move up to a higher and more difficult puzzle challenge. You can purchase the V-Cube at Puzzle Master.

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