3 Slices



3 Slices is a simple game yet full of mind twisting challenges. The player in this game must remove as much red as possible using only 3 slices. The player can use the mouse to slice the shapes. Take note that the level will automatically end if the player removes 100% or use all 3 slices. The player will not have any choice but to successfully accomplish the task for his current level if he wants to proceed to the next game level. The player can monitor his performance and achievements at the bottom part of the game screen.

It is a physics puzzle game that adults and kids will absolutely find fantastic. It can enhance the player’s logical thinking, strategy skills and concentration. In most cases, the player needs to observe and apply his knowledge about gravity in this game. The player needs to keep his persistence in completing the brain twisting game levels of 3 Slices. This is the ultimate online puzzle game that you will surely love to play. Dare to slice now.

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