The 3x3x9 is a small stupefying puzzle cube that you will love. It is colorful and super perplexing to solve because of the very thin layers. The best feature of this puzzle cube is that it turns very quickly and smoothly. It is ideal for practicing speed solving. This puzzle is stable because no matter how quick you turn the parts, there is no piece that falls out from the cube. This is probably the highest layered puzzle cube and the highest order puzzle that you can have. You will notice that this puzzle cube is not proportional.

This is maybe a millimeter bigger than the standard Rubik’s cube and it is squished so much. The object for playing with this puzzle cube is to scramble it and solve it back again to its original arrangement. You can turn one layer 45 degrees and take away each piece one by one so you can see the mechanism of this puzzle. The very thin layer tends to unalign which makes this puzzle cube difficult to solve. This is not recommended for average cubers, this twisty puzzle is for more advanced cubers to solve. Solving a puzzle cube like this can be a good brain fitness regimen. This can help your brain active and sharp.

You can purchase the 3x3x9 at Puzzle Master.

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