Constrained Megaminx with Bonus Crazy 2face Kit

If you are looking for a new puzzle hobby then try Constrained Megaminx with Bonus Crazy 2face Kit. It includes fascinating circle cubes. There’s a whole bunch of two-faced stickers, some have signatures at the back and they look pretty cool. It also includes a cool mini screw driver and lots of blue puzzle bags. Of course in the beginning you’ll get a bit clueless with just about any puzzle cube so you really have to keep your persistence.

The Constrained Megaminx looks attractive because it looks very colorful and it comes in one kit. You do not have to buy 47 different kinds of puzzles just to make them all because it has been sold as a kit. The features of this puzzle looks great. The puzzle parts come in standard colors. It is constrained, good enough to twist and just a little bit stiff. Well, that’s an added challenge to the puzzle solver. There are different centers in this puzzle. If you are not happy with the centers that has been provided, you can use the different colored circle parts that you can install as new centers with the help of a screw driver. This kind of puzzle is quite tough and it will need some attention or loosening of parts.  The Bonus Crazy 2face Kit looks great with its original black color, it only becomes colorful when you put on the stickers. When you start off, the parts are not smooth to twist. You will need a lot of concentration to solve these two puzzle cubes.

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