Crazy B4Cube Kit VERSION 2

The Crazy B4Cube Kit VERSION 2 has a major upgrade. It comes in a Rubik’s cube style, it has 6 different centers but all has circle or zero faces except for one which comes in a standard two face. It also has an additional 11 new center types and you can actually make thousands of puzzle challenges from this cube. It features a hand-modified and 3D-printed mechanisms with machine-cut stickers.

It can be constrained into 90 degree turns. For circle faces, you can have them freely turning, we can have them constrained and that can happen to the outer parts or the inner parts. There are in fact 12 possible center types and you can just mix and match. The functioning of the center can be changed and it has bandaging so sometimes you might experience some lock ups when turning or twisting the cube parts. If you are a serious puzzle cube accumulator then this puzzle cube kit will surely be a very good addition to your collection. You’ll definitely get satisfied in playing this puzzle cube so grab one now.

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