Gear Pyraminx

The Gear Pyraminx is an interesting puzzle that will bend and twist your brain. This puzzle will give a fun brain challenge to its solver. However, this gear puzzle still does not turn perfectly and you have to be careful in order to make sure that everything is aligned properly.  This puzzle is extremely difficult to solve so you really have to keep strong persistence. It will surely bring you great feeling of satisfaction once you figure out the solutions for this puzzle. You can turn all the gears at the same time, the entire puzzle will spin. You can scramble this puzzle in many different ways and solve it back to its original arrangement.

Exercising your mental skills with this gear puzzle can help keep the brain cells from dying and it even encourages better brain functioning. Solving challenging puzzles like this one can stop or prevent the development of Alzheimer’s disease as well as dementia, memory loss and other brain related illnesses. It is wise to engage your brain in intellectually challenging puzzles. You can also speed up your problem solving and logical thinking. This can provide hours of fun for the solver and the persistence is also being challenged in this super brain teaser. It is so worth it to spend your money in buying this good quality puzzle.  You can purchase the Gear Pyraminx at Puzzle Master.

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