JR through the Eye of Liu Bolin

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This is one of the most unique and jaw dropping artworks that I have seen on the internet. I admire the clever concept of Liu Bolin for his amazing works and I am so impressed with his originality and art style.

About JR through the Eye of Liu Bolin

This JR through the Eye of Liu Bolin is a creation of Liu Bolin. It measures 57 1/2 x 78 3/4 inches, 146 x 200 cm. He is an extraordinary camouflage artist. Believe it or not but this photograph has been achieved without the application of special effects or Photoshop. Liu Bolin is a very hard working artist and he has been painted head-to-toe by a team of aides using snapshots of the area behind him as a guide. According to him, his intention was not to vanish in the environment but instead to let the environment take possession of him. His motivation for completing this work is not to just hide himself as an individual but it is more of creating a statement regarding the damaging effects that is rooted in the economic and urban development.

About the Artist

Liu Bolin is a very talented visual artist from Shandong, China. He is the creator of the Invisible Man and he hides in plain sight. He has done solo and selected group exhibitions. He has opened an exhibition at Galerie Paris-Beijing in Paris exhibiting many photographs that show him as impeccably hidden in different urban backdrops.

Thank you very much Liu Bolin for allowing us to post and share your JR through the Eye of Liu Bolin. If you wish to see more of his incredible artworks, you can go and visit his website.

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