Linesweeper is puzzle similar to Minesweeper. The player’s objective in this game is to create a single continuous non-intersecting loop. The numbered tiles can’t be passed through. The number means how many of the 8 surrounding tiles should contain some part of the solution path. This game will challenge the player’s puzzle solving, gaming and strategy skills. If you think you are smart enough, play this game and let’s see how many levels you can complete. This is a great game for all the puzzle fanatics in the planet. This amazing and hooking puzzle game was created by Stanley Lam.

This hooking puzzle game features 5 difficulty levels and there are more than 500 levels. Other features include “Check” function that can highlight wrong lines, option is also enabled to automatically highlight wrong lines, the game instantly indicate correct numbers. There is also an auto save process of unfinished levels and record keeping of the best completion time for each level. The puzzle solver of this game must try his best to complete as many levels as possible.

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