Moyu 13x13x3 Pillow-Shaped Cube – Black Body

The 13x13x13 will leave you amazed at when you first pick it up.  You would think a cube like this would be difficult to turn because of how many pieces are in it.  There are 2197 pieces on this cube.  The number of combinations that you can mix this cube up is absolutely mind boggling.  Be prepared for a lot of moves before solving this cube.  It takes around 6 hours of constant turning to solve it.

As far as build quality goes, it is extremely well made.  Turning the puzzle is very smooth and it is hard to pop the pieces out of place.  I am very impressed with how nicely it moves in your hands.  The weight is a little bit overwhelming but it is to be expected.  There are just so many pieces in there.

I highly recommend this cube to anyone considering a real challenge.

You can purchase the 13x13x13 at Puzzle Master.

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