Open Doors 2



Open Doors 2 is a superb maze game. The player will need to use the arrow keys in order to move the squares and complete a level. The player can reset his current level by pressing “R”, “Q” key can change quality and the S key for the sound.  The player will simply need to move the square to the X. Moving through lots of doors along the way. Let’s see how far you can go with this mind boggling game. At the end of the game, the player can see his accomplishment. There are number of points that are needed to earn in order to gain gold, silver and bronze medal.

The player will definitely need a lot of focus for this game. This will enhance critical thinking and problem solving skills. The level of difficulty increases as the player continues to complete higher game levels. The kids and adults will surely love to play this game. This game can also be played in iPhone and iPod touch for free.

You can visit to learn more about the game and where you can play it for free. This website is the home of the coolest puzzle games in the world. Go to the website now and see more exciting and fun mind twisting game.

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