Oskar’s Gear Octahedron

Oskar’s Gear Octahedron is absolutely a knockout twisty puzzle because of its complex design. It is a shape modification of gear cube so this is not something new. There are some stiff side as you try to scramble and make turn with its cube parts. The solving for this cube is just similar to the other gear cubes. The stiffness of the cube pieces make this twisty puzzle quite more challenging to solve. Don’t worry because the more you play with this puzzle cube, the more your hands will feel more comfortable in turning and moving the cube parts. The fans of gear cube will definitely love playing this. All the corners and edges in this puzzle cube needs to be solved. This is a bit bigger as to compare with other gear cube.

The more the solver use the mind in this puzzle cube, the better the success will be. This puzzle cube can help the solver power up his mind and brain skills. It can help boost the IQ level of the solver and this will help him or her achieve greater confidence. The best way to keep your brain active is to engage it in brain teasing activities just like solving this puzzle cube. This twisty puzzle can effectively stimulate the brain functioning and the cognitive skills are also enhanced.

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