Polo Shift

Polo Shift as you can guess from the name of this puzzle is yet another brilliant idea by Alex Polonsky. Seven of the corners of a cube are shifted around the spherical core. While shifting, the corner pieces change orientation, which makes this puzzle confusing to solve. It features seven small cubes and the pieces can be shifted smoothly. After three shifts, the pieces will go back to its cubic orientation. It works like a sliding piece puzzle. You can turn the piece on place which is not it should be. This puzzle toy works quite well but you must avoid cheating.

Everything can be scrambled in many different ways and the aim of the puzzle solver is to arrange it back. This is a cool puzzle toy that you can share with your friends. You would love to add this great puzzle toy to your favorite collection. You can enjoy hours of playing with this mind bending puzzle cube. You can purchase this fascinating puzzle toy at Puzzle Master.

Thank you so much Oskar for allowing us to use your videos.  If you would like to see more of Oskar’s videos, go to Oskar’s YouTube Channel. Copyright (c) 2013, M. Oskar van Deventer.

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