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This Spilling artwork is a huge inspiration to many member of deviant art members. His work is simply stunning and very enticing. It look like there’s much to be learned from Ivan Hoo especially those who are still a novice with pastel work. He has really done a great job in this pastel on wood. This painting looks realistic and deceiving. It is absolutely a jaw-dropping kind of artwork.

About the Spilling

This incredible Spilling pastel work is exquisite and it was created by the brilliant artist Ivan Hoo. He has fixed the pastel on wooden board. He has applied pastel on tinted paper and she was able to fix the color without making it look dull. It is interesting that Ivan had found a way to keep the color of pastel effervescent after fixing.

About the Artist

Ivan Hoo is an amazing traditional artist from Singapore. He is a deviant art member and he loves creating traditional artworks, drawings and still life. A lot of other artists in deviant art website find his art piece incredible.

Thank you very much Ivan Hoo for allowing us to post and share your Spilling artwork. If you wish to see more of his incredible artworks, you can go and visit his website.

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