Strings of Moonlight

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I find this painting mysterious and I can sense that there are secrets that needs to be unravel. Strings of Moonlight is yet another surreal painting by Michael Cheval. This kind of painting can make a lot of viewers curious and puzzled. It allows the viewer to play with their imagination and let their subconscious work in understanding the painting. This painting will challenge the viewers ability to interpret and create fictional plot.

About the Strings of Moonlight

Strings of Moonlight is an oil on canvas painting by Michael Cheval. It measures 30″ x 30″. According to Michael, his painting is a revelation of his journey into illusion and fantasies. This explains why this Strings of Moonlight painting looks quite bizarre and dreamlike. It takes a sharp eye in order to untangle the metaphorical secrets in this painting.

About the Artist

Michael Cheval is a popular contemporary artist from Russia. He specializes in creating absurd paintings, illustrations and portraits. Most of his artworks are surreal and feature contraries to whats real and logical. The West European culture had a big influence in his art style. He is also impressed with the Eastern philosophy and Central Asia character. He became a member of Society for Art of Imagination.

Thank you very much Michael Cheval for allowing us to post and share your Strings of Moonlight. If you wish to see more of his interesting artworks, you can go and visit his website.

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