The Da Vinci Book: 97 Quizzes, Games & Puzzles

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As I was checking out what was new in my bookstore, I came across this one of a kind book mixed in with the numerous Sudoku books that have shown up and continue to arrive unabated. I haven’t seen anything else quite like it. The Da Vinci Book: 97 Quizzes, Games & Puzzles is a small book of 176 pages but jam-packed with all types of puzzles, games quizzes, pictures and drawings. It has 97 puzzles, etc. all dealing with Da Vinci, the man and his work and the popular book “The Da Vinci Code”. Every type of puzzle has been employed and used to come up with puzzles, games, and what not to test your skill. Yes, there are even Sudoku puzzles based on Da Vinci. Can’t do much more about describing the smorgasbord of puzzles you’ll find in this little gem except to tell you that if you are into The Da Vinci Code and all that goes with it and at the same time enjoy trivia, word puzzles and other sorts of challenges, you won’t want to pass it by. To find this book, don’t look in the Fiction section of your bookstore. You are more likely to find it in the Puzzles and Games section along with books on Sudoku and Crossword Puzzles. Answers are given to all the puzzles but explanations of the answers are often left to the reader. This would be an excellent book to pull out and enjoy with others who think they know something about the Da Vinci code and all the surrounding controversy. Then, on the other hand, after you’ve done all the puzzles and know all the answers you’ll be the expert. That is until others discover your great source of wisdom. Have fun! You can purchase this puzzle at Amazon.


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