Two Rooms


Two Rooms is a game of logic and speed. Two Rooms is an extraordinary puzzle game. The player have to go around each level using two pieces, which are separated by a wall in the middle. The player can interact with many different objects that will affect his surroundings. There are 30 levels to complete in this game.

The player can use the arrow keys to move objects and play and space bar for switching items. The player can move one object at a time. If in case the player gets stuck, there’s a hint section in the Options menu which the player can access on his current level. The player can automatically save his data in this game, so there’s no need to worry about quitting out. Kids and adults will surely love playing this mind boggling game.

Let’s see how far your puzzle solving skills and gaming strategies can go in this game. Click on to discover more about this game and where you can play it for free. This website is one of the best game niches for addicting puzzle games in the planet. Go the site now and find lots of amazing mind boggling games.

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