4x4x6 Puzzle Cube

This 4x4x6 Puzzle Cube is an interesting puzzle cube and you can create many different patterns with this puzzle. It turns very smoothly but a lot of pieces may move along with the part that you are turning. This is an incredible shape shifting puzzle but it is quite challenging to manipulate the cube parts because this twisty puzzle is big. It shape shifts like a 4×4 cube and you can scramble and solve this puzzle cube in many ways. You can do any kind of degree in every single side. The top layer can sometimes be bandaged, you can also form this puzzle cube into a 4 layer instead of a 6 layer cube. It is even possible to have a cuboid and a cuboid and a cuboid in it.

The objective for playing this twisty puzzle is to mess up the cube parts and solve it back to its original cuboid position. When you play it a lot, you’ll get used to it and enjoy playing it. You will become much comfortable in moving the puzzle. This is a very stable puzzle cube and you will not have to worry about pieces suddenly falling apart. You will be free from the anxiety that something may fly out from the cube. You can surely have a great time playing with this twisty puzzle because it features a stable cube.

You can purchase the 4x4x6 Puzzle Cube at Puzzle Master.

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