Crafting Wood Logic Puzzles

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An excellent book of puzzles whether you want to make your own or just like puzzles. Crafting Wood Logic Puzzles would be an excellent choice for someone who would like to start making their own puzzles. It is reasonably priced, well constructed, the paper, printing and color photographs and detailed illustrations are top notch. The first 33 pages of the book cover tools, materials, techniques and information on woods, finishing, jigs and other workshop hints. The next 82 pages give extremely well illustrated instructions on how to go about making 18 more or less classic wood puzzles. All the puzzles are all made of wood except for the first three which encompass cords and/or metal rings. The last 9 pages give excellent instructions along with detailed photographs for solving each puzzle. Dimensions are given in inches but a conversion chart for metric is included. The book is intended for people who want to construct these puzzles in their workshops and who are woodworkers. However, even if one is not, most of these puzzles can be made with rudimentary tools and skills. A common element in several of the puzzles is a simple cube. These can be made simply purchased from craft stores etc. I, for instance, made several Soma Cubes using die sold in a package of 12 in the Dollar store, some glue and clamps. The trays and/or boxes for other puzzles are likewise very basic and simple. The “Burr” puzzles are much more complicated and require more skills. Overall, this book is a great place to start. The only thing I would suggest about this book is that it should have had a page or so Bibliography for other books on making puzzles of which there are many others. Just to help someone who wants to pursue puzzle making further, I would suggest “Puzzles Old & New How to Make and Solve them” by Jerry Slocum and Jack Botermans (see my Review Nov.4, 2006}, “New Book Of Puzzles” by Slocum & Botermans–101 Classic and Modern Puzzles to Make and Solve See my Review December 2, 2003, “Creative Puzzles Of The World” by Peter van Delft and Jack Botermans “(See my

Review), “Geometric Puzzle Design” by Stewart Coffin (More Advanced). There are many other advanced books on Puzzle Boxes, Puzzle Locks, etc. For those who are interested, wood puzzles, boxes, and locks can be very intricate and challenging. They can be very beautiful works of art, collector items and even sold as limited editions costing hundreds of dollars. You can purchase this book at Amazon.

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