Dreieck (Triangle)

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I personally find it a clever idea to mix up strange places with impossible geometry. This anamorphosis artwork of Fanette looks interesting. It was actually painted but if you will examine the picture, it is so perplexing to figure out how it was painted. That is also the reason why it is usually mistaken as a photo manipulation artwork. It is really one of the most deceiving works that I have seen. It is quite puzzling to look at the picture. I can see the hard work especially the time and effort that Fanette has invested to complete this art project.

About the Dreieck” (Triangle)

First of all, take note that there is no digital trick or Photoshop editing that has been made in this artwork. It was a commissioned work in a flat in Berlin Friedrichshain spray can. This is a spray painted work by Fanette Guilloud. This artwork shows how anamorphosis can defy space.

About the Artist

is a master creator of impossible geometry. His works are created fancifully. Most of the optical illusions that we see try to deceive our eyes so that unrealistic things are made to look realistic. However, Fanette makes the opposite. He makes the real things look unrealistic and that is what makes him an extraordinary artist.

Thank you very much Fanette Guilloud for allowing us to post and share your Dreieck (Triangle) anamorphosis. If you wish to see more of his interesting artworks, you can go and visit his website.

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