Hunter’s 2x4x6

If you have been playing and solving puzzle cubes for many years, you might get interested to try the Hunter’s 2x4x6. This puzzle cube is a nice brain teaser and fascinating because it can shift shapes. It has the Calvin’s logo in the sticker and it looks so good. It may not be a perfect puzzle cube but it absolutely works fine. This puzzle cuboid is incredibly smooth to twist and will allow you to experience an enjoyable puzzle solving experience. The Hunter’s 2x4x6 is a fun pillowed cuboid puzzle. It was designed by Hunter Palshook, and the puzzle turns very smooth.  Its pillowed design allows the easy holding and turning of the puzzle.

This puzzle has an interesting puzzle mechanism and provides a very good challenge to puzzle solvers. As to be compared with the TomZ 4x4x6 cube, it is fairly simpler to solve. Its dimensions measure 58x58x90 mm. It is ready to play because it is fully assembled and stickered from the manufacturer. It is somewhat a peculiar puzzle especially the way it turns and the way its shape changes. It may take a lot of algorithms in order to figure out how to solve this puzzle. The shape can be shifted in two ways. This puzzle cube can be transformed into a 2x2x4 by breaking up the 6 layers and shift shape with the 2 layers. Another way is to break up the 4 layers with the 2 layers and its shape is going to turn to 2x2x6. So the solution in the puzzle also depends on how you shape shift this cube. It is absolutely exciting to play and solve this puzzle cube.

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