Little Wheel


Little Wheel is a fun and challenging game that will twist your mind and will bring you a great puzzle time. You will find yourself playing in a robotic world but there is no more energy in the city due to problems in the main generator. Your goal as a player is to activate the generator to bring the life back in the robot world.

The player can use the mouse to move and play the character of the robot who survived 10,000 years ago. This is a mission game full of puzzle solving tasks. The player needs to be observant and creative. This game will enhance the player’s problem solving skills and concentration. As the player, you will be the hero and only hope of the robots. There’s no other way but to continue playing till the end.

If you love robots and puzzles then this game would be perfect for you. Let’s see if you can finish this game with mission success. Visit where you can learn more about this awesome game and where you can play it for free. This website is the home of the extraordinary online games that will really hook you so much.

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