Magic Eye Beyond 3D: Improve Your Vision

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The last book like this that I reviewed was Magic Eye II which I reviewed on May 25, 2004. That book was published in 1994, several years after we first became familiar with these 3-D or Stereograms. Magic Eye Beyond 3D: Improve Your Vision was published in 2004 and we can see that there have been considerable advances in this art form. The one characteristic of these pictures has been that they are easy to identify because of the repeatability of about 6 panels or bands. This has always been a dead give way. The thing most noticeable is that the bands are much less obvious. The picture on page 11 is so good that one would hardly suspect as having floating beans within it. The picture on page 33 is very obviously a 3-D picture but at the same time is an excellent “floater”. Of all the pictures, the one of the gravel on page 39 was the most interesting to me. It is so good, that one would likely not even suspect it to be a 3-D picture, unless it was in a book like this. I guess the ultimate would be when a picture is created that shows no signs of repeatability at all. At that point you would have the perfect “hidden picture”. By far the biggest difference with this book in in the claims of how these images can be used to improve vision and all other sorts of things. The book is sprinkled with many testimonials from people who have experienced great things. I have considerable problem with accepting this stuff without the research and science to back it up. Otherwise, it has to remain in the area of “alternative medicine”. It does not surprise me that there is a Disclaimer to the claims on page 2. Nonetheless this is a good book showing how much 3-D pictures have improved since the early 90’s. You can purchase this puzzle at Amazon.



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