MoYu 7x7x7

The MoYu 7x7x7 is a 7 layers puzzle cube that was manufactured by YJ and it comes in a really beautiful package. It comes with a mini booklet in Chinese language so it is not really beneficial for English readers. Moreover, some of the stickers are actually not quite right if you try to look closely. You may notice a strikingly little corner in some of the faces of this puzzle cube and some of the colors like yellow, green and orange are pale as to compare with the standard colors of puzzle cubes.

However, the smooth turning mechanism of this puzzle cube will surely fascinate you a lot. It is absolutely incredible and is really nice. You will not hear any spring movement or noise. Compared to the V-Cube 7, it looks smaller in size. You’ll definitely love its nice layer rotations and strong structure. You will enjoy scrambling and playing with it. If you are looking for a 7x7x7 puzzle cube that does not have any lock up issue and something that twists perfectly fine, then this would be a great choice.

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