Professor Pyraminx

The Professor Pyraminx has 5 layers while the original pyraminx only has 3 layers. This puzzle is available in black and white Professor Pyraminx.  This was mind boggling puzzle was invented by the Russian puzzle designer, Timur Evbatyrov. This twisty puzzle is similar to the Rubik’s Professor Cube. The movement of this puzzle is not that great, the top layer can get stuck sometimes and you might need to apply a little bit of force just to make it twist. Since the layers of this puzzle often gets locked, you don’t just twist the layers but you also need to do some pushing. The layers are really stiff and it is up to you if you want to test if lubrication can work in improving its moving speed. Overall, it is a fun puzzle and you will enjoy playing it. The stiffness of the layers add to the challenge in solving this puzzle.

Puzzles like this one can actually help you improve your cognitive skills and the fitness of your brain. Giving yourself a brain workout a day with this puzzle can already make a good difference. You can sharpen your thinking skills, memory and visual intelligence when you make it a hobby to play this pyraminx puzzle. It is so fun to play and it is very beneficial for your brain. You can purchase the Professor Pyraminx at Puzzle Master.

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