Rubik’s Void Cube

The Rubik’s Void Cube is a stupefying cuboid and it features a brain stimulating design that suggests how fun, challenging and exciting it would be to play this puzzle cube. The solvers of this puzzle will surely get so impressed with how this cube can turn very smoothly which makes it enjoyable to play, This is even ideal for practicing speed cubing and speed solving. It features a circular center and this twisty puzzle is really nicely designed. There is also a spherical opening in the middle and it is really feels light. You can also try to take away the parts in order to see the mechanism of this puzzle cube.

What’s really mind blowing about this puzzle is that you can interconnect two Rubik’s Void Cube and you already have a Siamese puzzle to solve. If you want to make this puzzle a lot more interesting, you can even place a golf ball inside and you can still play it. This puzzle cube is already amazing but there are still many improvements that can be made just like what Kenneth has done in the video. He was able to chain the two Rubik’s Void Cube, it still works pretty well and it looks absolutely stunning. Kenneth was able to create a fused Rubik’s Void Cube. However, you can only move the right, up and front of the cubes. This puzzle is a bit tricky and you need to do more than just a beginner’s method in solving this puzzle. This puzzle cube is definitely one of the most extraordinary twisty puzzles in the planet.

You can purchase the Rubik’s Void Cube at Puzzle Master.

Thank you Kenneth for allowing us to use your videos.

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