Super Super Big 3x3x3

The Super Super Big 3x3x3 is an enormous plastic puzzle cube. You’ll surely become amazed that such kind of puzzle do exist! It was manufactured by HE SHU from Jiangsu, China. You can see the instructions at the back of the package. It is a three layer type of puzzle cube with a dimension of 17.8 x 17.8 x 17.8. Don’t worry because although it looks large, it is not that heavy and it is actually easy to pick up. It is sticker less that’s why scratches may occur but are not very obvious. It comes with a standard color scheme of puzzle cubes.

Surprisingly, you’ll enjoy scrambling this cube because you can turn and twist the puzzle parts very smoothly. You can do all your algorithms in it without having any problem. You’ll definitely love its stunning appearance and functionality. Although it may sometimes look wobbly, it won’t break. When you try to disassemble and observe the mechanism inside this puzzle cube, it is non-different to the mechanism of a typical puzzle cube. It is really just a very big version of a 3x3x3 puzzle cube.

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