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This is a basic brain-training game. You have different type of categories that you can chose (memory, reasoning, concentration, planning, speed and calculator). When you chose a category, you will be facing lots of questions in that particular area from easy to really hard questions. You can play Brain Games just to stay in shape or to evolve and get your high score bigger every time you play it. I have put the FREE download link below so you can check this game out by yourself. I really enjoyed this game for a while, but I’m not really into brain-puzzle games.

Here are some of the game features:

1. Categories of questions you want to answer: Memory, reasoning, concentration, planning, speed, calculator.

2. Difficulty goes from easy to hard.

3. Simple interface.

4. FREE for download!

Just visit for free demo download link. Give this game a try and let us know what you think by leaving a comment below! Players, enjoy!

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