Cargo Bridge


Play Cargo Bridge and experience what it takes to be a bridge builder! In this game, the player will need to build a bridge using the mouse and budget. The bridge builder will use the bridge to get items at the other side of the valley and bring them back to their shop. The goal of the players is to collect all items in the level.

There is only limited budget for every level so this definitely entails careful decision making. All the money that the player don’t use become your score so the cheaper the bridge you make, the higher the score. This will require controlled spending in order to get excellent scores.

There are connectors and walk for the bridge. The connectors are cheaper items. However, there are times that the player will need a sturdy bridge because as you continue playing the game, there could be challenging paths and stronger bridge is required for you to successfully cross the other side of the valley and come back. In the higher levels, there could be more items available and more surprises to come.

You need to be thrifty and witty to play this puzzling physics game. Check out to learn more about this game and to play it for free. This is the one of the most loved sites for online puzzle games.

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