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I decided to place my review along with the several others for this Cast Laby listing. It is made by Hanayama but sold by different companies and at different prices. However; they are all alike. The designer claims he found a puzzle in Britain at a flea market from the puzzle craze days of the 19th Century. He successfully revived the puzzle in a new form as we see here. It is a very challenging puzzle and claims to have a Difficulty Level of 5 out of 6. .That means a lot of novices will have a lot of difficulty solving it and more seasoned puzzlers will find it a good challenge. It basically has rather small mazes on both sides; and the object is to negotiate the other ring through the labyrinth and remove it. Since the mazes are small, it seems a simple task, that is, until you try.
It is made of heavy cast metal and will withstand lots of use without being damaged. As with all puzzles, excessive force is not required. It doesn’t come with a solution; but if you find you need a little help, PuzzleMaster will e-mail you a solution, or if you’d prefer a video, YouTube has a couple. It took me a bit to figure out the name, Laby, I guess it’s obviously just short for Labyrinth.

You can purchase this puzzle and get the solution at Puzzle Master.cast_laby


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