Gear Mastermorphix

The Gear Mastermorphix is a very fascinating puzzle and it is some kind of confusing puzzle because of its complex design. This is one of the bestselling puzzles in the world and this is a knock out cube that every puzzle collectors must have. This puzzle works with same mechanism as the gear cube. The gear parts turn smoothly and nicely. The objective for playing with this gear puzzle is to scramble it up and solve it back. It is harder to solve than a gear cube for some reasons. It is hard to wrap your mind in this shape mod, the edges as well as the centers have orientation. In a normal gear cube, the center and edges does not have orientation. More so, other parts in this puzzle may sometimes stick out when scrambled. There are extra challenges that the solver can encounter when trying to figure out the solutions to this puzzle.

It would be a big advantage for you to play with this puzzle. Playing with this kind of brain teasers will surely help boost up your mental skills. The only way for you to keep your mind active and sharp is to keep on challenging and engaging the brain in many activities. This gear puzzle is a great way to exercise your problem solving, logical and critical thinking skills, concentration, hand-mind-eye coordination and spatial intelligence. Playing with this puzzle toy is not just for fun because it is also good for your brain. You can purchase the Gear Mastermorphix at Puzzle Master.

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