Graffiti on a House

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I was astounded with this photograph of Graffiti on a House because Ciaran looks floating while he is completing his drawing. This is one of the most extreme works that I have found in his portfolio. He has made the house look surreal. I have watched the behind the scenes video and the house actually looked better when he painted it. In the video, he used many crazy body moves and poses while working on the house. The video is such a joy to watch, I find it outrageous and magical. I am so much impressed with the video editing and effects. Everything in the video is mind blowing and I was completely flabbergasted.

About the Graffiti on a House

I have learned that Ciaran used the house as an actual canvas? and painted directly on it. Ciaran exhibited his exceptional talent in painting and creativity in visual arts through this work. At first, the house looks very old and stained. Ciarran first applied a white coating on the entire wall. After drying the white coating, he started drawing. He has also painted the house with color.

About The Artist

Ciaran Brennan was born in Dublin. His work has been portrayed as peculiar, neo pop-surrealistic and existentialism. Ciaran is a traditional street artist and has been a deviant art member for 9 years already.

Thank you Ciaran Brennan for allowing us to post and share your Graffiti on a House. If you wish to learn more about his optical illusion artworks, you can go and visit his website.

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