Impossible Figure: Eye

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This impossible figure is similar to an eye, and I find it fascinating. It looks peculiar because this figure is impossible to exist in reality. It suggests a 3 dimensional picture from a 2 dimensional image. It looks like the small square is connected to the big one but the more I observe the figure, the more it becomes ambiguous. I got confused whether the small square is connected upward or downward. This figure is an optical illusion that can definitely bring bafflement to the spectators.

About the Impossible Figure: Eye

This Impossible Figure: Eye was created by Andreas Aronsson. According to him, it all depends on the viewers perspective in seeing the small square as either on top of or below the larger square. It was a stressful day when Andreas had made this impossible figure. He was moving out of yet another temporary apartment and at the same time busy packing to go to Amsterdam with his associates for a company event.

About the Author

Andreas Aronsson lives in Sweden and currently works as an IT Manager at a local IKEA factory. He studied Computer Game Design at the University and Nature Science. He loves photography and is using his camera to capture his daily moments. He has been popularly known as the creator of the impossible figures that will definitely twist your brain. He was a video game enthusiast and has been a big fan of Anime series. He is fond of listening to instrumental music or songs with languages that he doesn’t understand. He is a very extraordinary man who can create striking optical illusions.

Thanks Andreas Aronsson for allowing us to post and share your fantastic optical illusion. If you wish to know more about the optical illusion works of this artist then you can go and visit his site.

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