Jumping Orcas

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Since I was a young kid I am already fascinated with bottle art and this one is very interesting because it has 2 killer whales inside. This can be a very nice gift to a friend who is an ocean lover. I can see the ingenuity in this art piece. It made me curious and interested to learn the art and trickeries of crafting my own magic bottle. I find it quite perplexing to think about how this art piece was finished. This is yet another clever form of bottle art from Mike Ott. It is really surprising for me to know that everything had fitted inside the bottle without cutting or drilling it. The persistence, commitment and fervor of Mike in creating spectacular bottle art is revealed in this art piece.

About the Jumping Orcas

This Jumping Orcas bottle art features killer whales in a blue resin sea. The wine decanter measures 10x6x3. Mike Ott had conceptualized this kind of bottle art for the fans of the deep-sea creatures. He made it for the fascination of everyone.

About the Artist

Mike Ott is the creator of the unique bottle art pieces which he calls magic bottle. He never cut or drill the bottle in sculpting whatever scene he is trying to construct inside the bottle. His works are all handmade and he attempts to mystify people with his bottle art masterpieces.

Thank you very much Mike Ott for allowing us to post and share your Jumping Orcas bottle art. If you wish to see more of his magic bottles, you can go and visit his website.

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