Master Pentultimate

The Master Pentultimate comes in complex design and it is an interesting puzzle to solve. The face pattern of a Master Pentultimate might remind you of a Master Skewb. Nevertheless, they still have distinctions. A Skewb has a deep cut corner turning cube whereas The Master Pentultimate has a noticeably deep cut face turning puzzle. It is a little bit unstable and certainly not smooth. You can turn the puzzle parts into 3 layers. Sometimes it turns well and sometimes it doesn’t.

The package includes a green handled screw driver, black velvet bag and a Calvin’s application tape. The Master Pentultimate has an exotic appearance and multi-layered dodecahedron features. It is considered as a void puzzle because you will find no centers on all sides and it is deep on the inside. Believe it or not but you can even customize this puzzle to have void corners.  It comes in a set of 12 high quality vinyl stickers in the mf8 colors and with center caps that can be inserted.  You can take off the centers very easily and the puzzle can still work. You can see truckload of screws inside. There are about 70 to 90 screws in this puzzle. Overall, it is a nice puzzle with a great design.

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