Master Pyraminx

The Master Pyraminx is like the Master Cube and that is a 4×4 pyraminx. It is a little stiff and this puzzle features four layers. The Master Pyraminx and the Professor Pyraminx has almost the same size but the Master Pyraminx has larger pieces. The objective for playing this pyraminx puzzle is to scramble it and solve it back again in such a way that the puzzle parts are arranged into its original position. The turning quality of this puzzle makes it a lot more challenging to solve. Few of the sides are really tight and it is not smooth to turn the puzzle parts. The wrist of the solver will surely get a good workout because turning the puzzle parts needs some force. This is not ideal for speed cubing but can also do well for speed puzzle solving. The solver can use a reduction method in solving the challenge in this puzzle. The edges of this puzzle is quite similar with the Jinx Pyraminx. If you want to see the mechanism of this puzzle, you can easily take away the puzzle parts. You can also make this puzzle turns smoothly by applying a lubricant inside. This is a fun puzzle that you will surely love.

You can stimulate your brain by playing with this puzzle and you can improve your cognitive skills like problem solving, concentration and logical thinking skills. You can take this puzzle as a hobby so you can keep your brain active and sharp. You can purchase the Master Pyraminx at Puzzle Master.

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