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When I bought this book, I thought I had found a real treasure. Puzzles and Optical Illusions have captivated me since my youth Puzzillusions offers to combine these two ideas into one puzzle. Wow! No wonder it got my attention. However, my enthusiasm soon waned and disappointment set in. This book is anything but what it proposes to be. “All-original puzzle or illusion hybrids” I suggest you read my review of “Dazzling Optical Illusions” by the same authors dated June 28,2005 and you will see why I was unenthused by that book, and for the very same reasons, why I was even more disappointed with this one. Everything I mentioned in that review is repeated even more blatantly again. The only reason I gave “Puzzillusions” 3* is , it would fall into that category if it were the first and only book one were to obtain on such Puzzles and Optical Illusions but there are many others from which to choose. Again, the physical quality of paper, printing, color rendition and overall construction are excellent but it is simply a rehash of old material with at best, just new presentation. The publication date of my copy is the same as the one shown here however the image on mine is the same as the disc on page 31.The image on the copy shown here doesn’t even appear in my book.  In my review of June 28, 2005 I mentioned the rehash of Sam Loyd’s Disappearing Chinamen. Well, it is rehashed again in this book as Tangram magic on page 58.The puzzles on pages 93, 137, 25 and others are identical. So, if you come across this book, be forewarned. Although it appears pretty good as a book on Puzzles and Optical Illusions most are one or the other not hybrids and as far as being new or original most fit that description only in the way they are adapted or presented. Also once again, telling the purchaser to make their cutouts, rather than doing as I suggested in my other review still applies to this book. You can purchase this book at Amazon.


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