Q.E.D.: Beauty in Mathematical Proof (Wooden Books)

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Q.E.D.: Beauty in Mathematical Proof (Wooden Books) is an amazingly simple introduction even to someone with high school math of the beauty that can be found in Mathematics and in things that occur in our everyday life. First let me point out that this is one of about 35 excellent “Little Gems” published by Wooden Books.  I have reviewed three of them to date, see my review posted on June 30, 2009. To most people, there is no subject drier than Mathematics. That is a real shame and the way Mathematics is taught in School and College must be held responsible for not having lit the flame of wonder in the students. In Mathematics, there is a whole world of beauty and amazement to be found in what is termed “Recreational Mathematics”. If one has any sense of curiosity, they will be amazed if they simply look at the center of a sunflower, a bee’s honeycomb, the absolute beauty of the curves found in seashells, snowflakes, endless shapes and arrays of patterns in nature, etc. All these things are visible manifestations of the beauty to be found in Mathematics. This series of books is written by people who appreciate the beauty to be found and do an excellent job of giving the ordinary person a real insight into the world around us. People who have even had the benefit of studying Mathematics even at the college level will be amazed at what they will find in this little book of only 58 pages including hundreds of simple, diagrams and illustrations. I certainly don’t want to suggest that it is a book too difficult for someone with only the Geometry they were taught in high school and have long since forgotten. The author has presented the ideas in very simple ways. To someone who has forgotten their math, they will quickly see that what they were taught were the mechanics but now they are going to see the beauty of math. You can purchase this book at Amazon.



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